Kansas Adoption Lawyers

Bringing a child into a family’s life is a joyous transition for families — or at least it should be.

The experience can be extremely stressful in anticipation as to whether the process will go through in the proper way. Issues of parents’, grandparents’ and stepparents’ rights can all add up to complex, nuanced and above all, emotional situations in the context of adoption.

If you and your family are working through adoption issues, our Ottawa, Kansas, adoptions lawyers are prepared to put more than 150 years of combined experience to work for you.

We at Anderson & Byrd, LLP, understand how important the adoption process is to families. We are prepared to put our meticulous and diligent approach to work to help you through all issues in the most efficient way. We will ensure that the rights of current parents are terminated as necessary, leveraging our experience in court if needed. In the event that we have to address home and/or background checks of prospective adoptive parents, we can help you complete and address these requirements with relative ease.

We encourage you to get in touch so that we can begin handling the process, and you can focus on what matters most — planning a loving home for your child.

To schedule an initial consultation to discuss adoption and issues related to child custody with one of our family law attorneys, call 800-681-2641 or email the firm.