Ottawa Business and Civil Litigation Lawyers

Civil litigation represents another significant area of practice for our Ottawa, Kansas, lawyers at Anderson & Byrd, LLP. As with all disputes, we seek to address all issues in the most efficient and effective ways, leveraging alternative dispute methods — including mediation.

That said, with more than a century and a half of combined experience — much of it in the courtroom — we are ready to litigate to protect your interests in cases related to:

  • Personal injury
  • Real estate
  • Landlord-tenant dispute issues
  • Business litigation
    • Contract disputes
    • Business fraud
    • Unfair competition
    • False advertising
    • Partnership and shareholder disputes
  • Trademark and copyright enforcement and infringement

Energy law litigation related to:

  • Arbitration cases relating to electric purchase power agreements
  • Cancellation of oil and natural gas leases
  • Utility condemnation cases
  • Oil and gas joint operating agreement litigation
  • Litigation relating to natural gas supply agreements
  • Arbitration cases relating to joint ownership of electric power generation units
  • Review of joint ownership and operating agreements relating to electric power generation units
  • Review of contracts between electric utilities and natural gas pipelines and natural gas suppliers
  • Class-action cases relating to the natural gas industry
  • Litigation between electric utilities and natural gas suppliers regarding natural gas supply agreements
  • Litigation regarding interconnect agreements between natural gas gathering companies and natural gas distribution companies

In every personal injury case, the lawyers at Anderson & Byrd, LLP, work entirely on contingency — we will not collect any attorney’s fees unless we secure the compensation you need.

To schedule an initial consultation with one of our business lawyers, call 800-681-2641 or email the firm.