Mediation Lawyers Based In Ottawa, Kansas

Many people immediately think of mediation in a family law context. Mediation and other aspects of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) — conciliation and arbitration — may be used to resolve issues involving business, civil, estate, family and other areas of the law, efficiently and economically, avoiding unnecessary costs and delays.

If you are working through legal issues that you seek to address via alternative dispute resolution methods, it is important to correctly choose your legal team. Mediators who are only experienced in mediation or only experienced in the law may bring a limited perspective to your dispute. Our mediators have decades of litigation experience and also are trained and experienced in mediation and ADR.

Our team at Anderson & Byrd, LLP includes a Kansas Supreme Court-approved mediator, Thomas Sachse, who is prepared to mediate in most contested areas of the law. Additionally, attorney Scott Ryburn has close to a quarter century of judicial experience as a magistrate. He is impartial and unbiased when serving as a mediator.

Explore The Options For Alternative Dispute Resolution

We are prepared to structure our offering based on your needs:

  • Mediation, in which we mediate fruitful (but non-binding) negotiations as a neutral facilitator
  • Conciliation, allowing a mediator to make recommendations to a hearing officer or judge
  • Arbitration, where your mediator will issue a binding decision regarding the outcome of the dispute in question

It is important to realize that all forms of ADR are likely to be less expensive than litigation, and the parties to the dispute can control their own destiny by participating in the process.

Regardless of your issue, we are prepared to put our experience to work for you.

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