Legal Support For Land Owners And Renewable Energy Producers

Anderson & Byrd, LLP, has long served the oil and gas industry in Kansas (and still does). We have always stayed abreast of regulations and industry trends, including the emerging and evolving renewables industry (wind, solar and renewable natural gas).

Our law firm represents Kansas land owners, developers and energy companies in all facets of renewable energy (RE) law, from real estate transactions to business contracts and regulation.

Leading The Way In Renewable Energy Law

Even the major oil companies have diversified their energy portfolios in recent decades to supplement fossil fuels and lay the groundwork for a future transition to “green” energy. The attorneys of Anderson & Byrd, LLP, help clients big and small navigate this new frontier, including:

Renewable natural gas (reclaiming methane from feedlots, wastewater and biomass)

Wind farm development (construction and maintenance of wind turbines and transmission lines)

Solar farm development (building and maintaining mechanized photovoltaic arrays and transmission infrastructure)

Our lawyers have extensive experience with regulatory compliance matters before the Kansas Corporation Commission. Through proactive measures or intervention when problems arise, we aid property owners, developers and operators with all the legal prongs, including:

  • Title examinations and title opinions
  • Sale or lease of land for wind and solar production
  • Platting, zoning, siting and permitting
  • Easements and right-of-way for power lines or RNG pipelines
  • Surface rights and royalties
  • Construction contracts
  • Business entity formation
  • Joint operating agreements
  • Dispute resolution and litigation

The New Frontier

Many of our clients are farmers and land owners who are new to energy production and the regulatory maze. Whether you are supplementing your income or going “all in” with wind, solar or renewable gas, you can count on the attorneys of Anderson & Byrd, LLP to protect your legal and financial interests. We have a reputation across Kansas and nationwide  for our legal acumen and attention to detail.

To speak with one of our energy law attorneys, call our office in Ottawa, Kansas at 785-521-3238 or contact us online.