Experienced Litigators For The Energy Industry

The law firm of Anderson & Byrd, LLP, has served the oil, gas and energy industry in Kansas for 75 years. Much of our work involves representing public utilities and energy companies before the Kansas Corporation Commission (KCC). We also provide plaintiff and defense representation for all manner of disputes in state and federal courts.

We have been at forefront of energy litigation, including precedent-setting cases over the decades. No matter the nature of your dispute or how complex, our trial lawyers have probably handled a similar case.

Representative Matters In Oil, Gas And Energy Litigation

Our clients include land owners, independent oil and gas operators, public utilities and investor-owned utilities, construction contractors, real estate developers, oil and gas distribution companies, petroleum companies and other entities in the energy game. Below is a sample of the types of cases our litigators have handled:

  • Arbitration cases relating to electric purchase power agreements
  • Cancellation of oil and natural gas leases
  • Utility condemnation cases
  • Oil and gas joint operating agreement litigation
  • Litigation relating to natural gas supply agreements
  • Arbitration cases relating to joint ownership of electric power generation units
  • Review of joint ownership and operating agreements relating to electric power generation units
  • Review of contracts between electric utilities and natural gas pipelines and natural gas suppliers
  • Class-action cases relating to the natural gas industry
  • Litigation between electric utilities and natural gas suppliers regarding natural gas supply agreements
  • Litigation regarding interconnect agreements between natural gas gathering companies and natural gas distribution companies

Your Case Is in Capable Hands

We are intimately familiar with KCC proceedings, injunctive relief and other remedies. In addition to negotiation and courtroom advocacy, Anderson & Byrd, LLP provides mediation and arbitration services to resolve disputes in a more efficient, cost-effective and predictable manner.

We can discuss your legal situation and the best strategies in you initial consultation. Call our office in Ottawa, Kansas at 785-521-3238 or contact us online to make arrangements.